Reference Tools for Self-Guided Investors

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A Message to Prospective Subscribers

Stops and Targets is a suite of hedge fund grade analytics tools that provides automated metrics and analysis for thousands of equities.  Opinion-free, emotion-free, and pundit-free, it is a trusted and impartial resource for unbiased market health and strategy information, which dramatically increases the odds of success for the self-guided investor.

Utilizing the same sophisticated algorithm-driven tactics employed by professional trading houses and market makers, Stops and Targets reveals the pressure trading strategies being used to exploit predictable human behaviors and tendencies.  For the pro’s strategies to work they must continually drive others to the opposite sides of their own trades in order to create buying and selling opportunities for themselves.

It is difficult to resist the instinctual and powerful urge to ‘run with the herd'.  As such, the signals provided by Stops and Targets (the very same ones being used by the pros) may often seem counter-intuitive, especially against a background of confusing news and noise from the financial media, which can often be artfully deceiving.  Therefore, effectively using Stops and Targets requires a special type of investor; one with acumen, dedication, courage, and the ability to adapt and apply the systems’ metrics, analysis, and odds-based signals to his own investment strategies.

If you are ready to start understanding what drives the market from the other side... scroll down to view a sampling of Stops and Targets' features and then start your risk-free trial.  Find out if you have the courage to buy when others are afraid--and to sell when the majority is confident and complacent.

Top and Bottom Spotter Signals

Spotter Signals are a proprietary algorithm developed by Stops and Targets to detect the potential exhaustion of an existing trend—and can identify the start of a significant pullback or trend reversal on the very day it begins!  Spotters are an absolute signal—meaning that they will mark the exact top or bottom of a trending move.

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Automated analysis for thousands of symbols

Stops and Targets suggests sophisticated trading strategies including trends, ideal entry zones, profit targets, and protective stops for major market indexes, select E-mini futures options, the Russell 3000 (covering 98% of the investible US market) and hundreds of Exchange Traded Funds.

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Market Summary and Signals Matrix

The Stops and Targets Market Summary provides a big-picture overview of the current health of the market.  Optimized for efficiency, you'll be able to instantly and accurately gauge the day's trading activity and zero in on new opportunities.

The Signals Matrix provides an easy way to drill down into precise details using dozens of linked reports.  Find specific types of trending and counter-trending buy and sell signals, discover new top and bottom spotter alerts, see trend leaders and laggards in multiple time frames, and much more.

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End of Day Email with Watchlist Alerts

After the market closes each day and the Signals Matrix has been updated, Stops and Targets sends out an email that shows alerts for new signals on all securities tracked in your personalized Watchlist.  A quick glance lets you know when your portfolio needs your attention.

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Reference Tools for Self-Guided Investors

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