The Investment Strategy Engine

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To be a successful investor you need to know three important things... what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell.

Stops and Targets provides everything you need to assess the overall market, to select appropriate trading opportunities based on those market conditions, and then to skillfully apply consistent risk management and profit-harvesting techniques to your trades.

Market Summary and Signals Matrix

The Signals Matrix provides a comprehensive overview of the market and enables you to quickly zero in on new trading opportunities.

Automated Ratings and Analysis for Thousands of Symbols

Stops and Targets provides real-time ratings and suggests sophisticated trading strategies for major market indexes, select E-mini futures options, hundreds of Exchange Traded Funds, and every stock in the Russell 3000 (which covers 98% of the investible US market).

Top and Bottom Spotter Signals

Spotter Signals detect the exhaustion of an existing trend and can identify the start of a significant countertrend pullback or major trend reversal on the very day it begins!

End of Day Email with Watchlist Alerts

The End of Day Email includes new Strategy and Spotter alerts for all symbols in your Personalized Watchlist.  A quick glance lets you know immediately when your portfolio needs your attention.

The Investment Strategy Engine

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